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Dora Lewis


Swedish Music Producer

Girl (Ida Redig) is a music producer, musician and songwriter from Gothenburg. She has made several major productions for commercials and television, Her music productions can be seen all over the world in advertising such as McDonalds, Telcel, DNB Bank, Kungsängen, Coop, Apoteket Kronan, French Bourjois and the BMW Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Nominee Musik Producer of the Year (SKAP) and Best Music in Commerical (Roygalan)

She was nominated for SKAP’s award for best music producer and nominated for “Best Music in Commercials” at Swedish Roygalan. She has several years of experience
in music production. In 2011 she built her first analogue studio and have since then made productions that span several genres, both for her own projects and other
artists and songwriters.


Together with Linn Fijal from the Riksmixningsverket she has started We Are, a music production
collective, where they inspire and lecture, among other things, how to work as a producer and how
to work on music production and recording to a professional level. You can also listen to a long
interview with Girl (Ida Edit) in the podcast music puzzle (Section 43).